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The Tullamore Experience Center

The Tullamore Factory

Since its foundation in 1990, our factory in Tullamore, Ireland, has played an essential role in transforming our engineers' ideas and specifications into reality. Tullamore is the origin of some of our finest hi-fi transducers and the final point of assembly for our audiophile headphones, all the way up to the world’s best headphones, the HE 1. With the opening of our new Audiophile Experience Center in 2023, we offer selected visitors an exclusive insight into the heart of our audiophile production.

Sennheiser Stories – Meet our experts

We have more than 100 highly specialized colleagues working in Tullamore.

Meet Lisa, Production Supervisor

Meet Paul, Technician

Meet Hannah, Team lead of HD 600 area

The Legend Reborn – HE 1

Equipped with unique features and state-of-the-art technology, the HE 1 headphones transform music from something you listen to, into something you live in.

Behind the scenes of the HE 1 production

It takes more than a week for our technician, Damian, to assemble the best headphones in the world. During this meticulous assembly process, more than 6000 pieces need to fit perfectly into their Italian Carrara marble housing. We asked Damian to invite us into his laboratory and share the assembly process. Click on the video to see how the HE 1 is made.


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