Safe listening that sounds great

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SoundProtex Earbuds

Get balanced, full-frequency sound with all the sonic details that make music brilliant, but at a safer sound level. SoundProtex filters protect your ears, lowering the volume so you can listen safely for longer. Now you can enjoy concerts and festivals — without having to worry about your ears

  • Enjoy great sound without the worry
  • Protect your hearing
  • Stay aware of your surroundings


  • Get a comfortable fit that won’t fall out by choosing your ear tip size (3 sizes included)
  • These small, discreet earplugs are perfect for anywhere you need hearing protection
  • Reuse as often as you like — just wipe with a cloth or rinse under water after use.
  • Skin-safe TPE material, perfect for sensitive skin
  • Choose the total block filter to relax, sleep, or keep ears dry while you swim

Keep your ears healthy and have more fun

Some music is best when it’s heard live — but too much can affect your hearing.

Enjoy excellent sound anywhere

Don’t sacrifice good sound—or good looks—to protect your hearing.

Balanced sound makes it easier to hear things around you

SoundProtex preserves the sonic details you need to be aware of your surroundings.


Put the world on mute

Use the total block filters when you want peace and quiet.

Ear-friendly materials you can re-use

SoundProtex earplugs are reusable and non-allergenic.

What's in the box

SoundProtex includes (1) one set of Medium SoundProtex acoustic filters (2) three sets of different ear tip sizes (S, M, and L) (3) one set of full-block filters (4) a convenient Sennheiser storage pouch

Filters Overview

Mid Filter: Suited for traveling, festivals/concerts, and other events. Full Block filter: Choose the total block filter to relax, sleep, or keep your ears dry while you swim.


Conversation Clear Plus

The specially suitable Sennheiser True Wireless device for the sound treatments.


Article number (SKU)
Wearing style
Hearing protection earplugs
Ear coupling
Ear canal with retention
S (5-10 mm), M (6-11 mm), L (7-12 mm)

What's included

  • Earplug set adapter (S/M/L)
  • 1 Pair acoustic filter
  • 1 Pair full block filter
  • Carry pouch