Self-Fitting Hearing Aid

Self-Fitting Hearing Aid

All-day hearing support for everyday situations

All-Day Clear

The Sennheiser All-Day Clear self-fitting hearing aids allow you to tailor the amplification and sound clarity to your unique hearing needs, without the need for an in-person visit to a clinician’s office to adjust or fit the devices. You can complete the entire process in your own home, using the All-Day Clear App.

Sennheiser All-Day Clear hearing aids

Sennheiser All-Day Clear hearing aids might be right for you if you’re experiencing any of these common signs of mild to moderate hearing loss:

  • You have trouble hearing speech in noisy places
  • You find it hard to follow speech in groups
  • You have trouble hearing on the phone
  • Listening makes you tired
  • Needing to turn up the volume on the TV or radio, and other people complain it’s too loud

Features that keep you seamlessly connected

  • Directional microphones zero-in on what you want to hear
  • Balance adjustments for streaming audio and dedicated sound mode for live music
  • Rechargeable 16 hour-battery life for those full-on days
  • In-the-moment controls with hearing aid push button and All-Day Clear app
  • Equalizer settings to fine tune your hearing experience and wind noise reduction for outdoors

Sleek lightweight design in two styles

All-Day Clear style

The All-Day Clear design is a modern take on a traditional hearing aid with receiver inside the ear canal. It is ideal for those who prefer a discreet look.

All-Day Clear Slim style

The All-Day Clear Slim design is a unique with an earbud-style receiver sitting outside the ear canal. Located in the receivers, microphones are always at ear level. The forming wire ensures a secure fit.