Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Plus and Ambeo Sub

Ambeo Soundbar Plus and Sub Combo

This combo deal is for limited stocks only.


What you will get

The Experience Set contains one -AMBEO- Soundbar Plus and one -AMBEO- Sub. Exceptionally good on their own but even better together.

What's included

Product LineUp SBPlus

-AMBEO- Soundbar | Plus

Most immersive 7.1.4 sound from one device.

  • Ultimate immersive sound
  • 9x Class-D amplifiers
  • Powerful and adaptive audio features
  • Wireless
  • Rumbling 38Hz bass & up to 4 AMBEO Subs connected wirelessly
Sennheiser Bass Lover Set - AMBEO Sub


Bass reinvented.

  • -AMBEO- virtualization technology
  • 8” high-end proprietary woofer
  • Automated self-calibration
  • Pristine 27-80Hz low frequency range
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Advanced multi-sub array technology (Up to 4 Subs can be connected wirelessly to Ambeo Soundbars Mini and Plus, and one wired connection to Ambeo Soundbar Max is possible)