Sound technology to optimize well-being and live better with tinnitus.

AudioVitality’s App and its RubesaSounds®

Engineered from ground-breaking Swiss technology, these unique low frequency sounds, optimized for Sennheiser headphones, help you de-stress, sleep, focus and unlock your true potential!

Transformation at your fingertips

  • • Improve your sleep quality
  • • Lower your stress levels
  • • Deepen your relaxation
  • • Enhance your focus
  • • Boost your energy
  • • Upgrade your life quality despite tinnitus


  • Effortless. Put on your headphones, press play, close your eyes, and let the power of technology work its magic.
  • Always at your fingertips. Listen to our sounds from the AudioVitality App on your smartphone or tablet, wherever and whenever you want.
  • Easy integration. Each session's duration (20 minutes) is designed to easily fit in your daily routine and lifestyle.
  • Tailored to you. Each RubesaSound® is personalized based on your auditory responses for an optimal experience.
  • Continuous support. Enjoy the guidance and advice of an expert throughout your journey.
  • Swiss technology. Benefit from the pinnacle of 15 years of advanced research in the field of sound and vibration.

Start improving your life

Seize the offer on our Well-Being or Tinnitus programs

• 3 months of unlimited access to the AudioVitality app
⁠• ⁠3 x 30min online consultations with an expert
⁠• Customized RubesaSounds® based on your auditory responses
⁠• Well-Being program: 4 categories (sleep, relaxation, focus, and boost) of RubesaSounds®, 32 sound sessions, each lasting 20 minutes
• ⁠Tinnitus program: new RubesaSounds® session every week, adjusted to match your progress and auditory reactions after each consultation with your expert.

An immersive experience into sound

Science has long established that sounds and vibrations can directly influence brain and bodily activities. RubesaSounds® stimulate various areas of your brain simultaneously, inducing specific mental states like relaxation, concentration, drowsiness, and alertness.

Personalized low-frequency sounds

A technological innovation of 15 years of research and development excellence, RubesaSounds® combine cutting-edge techniques in acoustic neuromodulation and stand out with four distinctive characteristics for an unparalleled immersive experience.

Remote expert guidance

Throughout the program, you benefit from three 30-minute online consultations with our experts.

Optimized for your Sennheiser headphones

The AudioVitality® mobile app integrates seamlessly with your Sennheiser headphones (*) to deliver a tailored immersive spatial experience. Thanks to three dedicated presets available in the app, you can further personalize your RubesaSounds® for the ultimate sound experience.

* MOMENTUM 4 Wireless Around-Ear Headphones, MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds, or Conversation Clear Plus.

Conversation Clear Plus

The specially suitable Sennheiser True Wireless device for the sound treatments.