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HD 620S

Distraction OFF. Open sound ON.

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HD 620S

Who says closed-back headphones can’t sound that open? The closed-back HD 620S is for audio enthusiasts seeking a distraction-free listening experience without compromising on natural, airy and detailed sound. Featuring a remarkably open baffle and angled transducers, it replicates the spatial imaging of loudspeakers while keeping listening sessions secluded.

  • Distraction-free immersion
  • Natural, detailed sound
  • Wide, spacious soundstage
  • Lightweight, comfortable, long-lasting design


  • Closed-back headphones with steel-reinforced ear cup covers for distraction-free listening sessions
  • Reference-grade 42 mm angled transducers with 38 mm diaphragm deliver speaker-like imaging with natural detail retrieval and expansive soundstage
  • Ultra-light 150-ohm aluminum voice coil for enhanced clarity and accuracy in audio reproduction
  • Lightweight chassis with steel-reinforced headband sliders and artificial leather arpads with internal venting for long-term durability and all-day comfort

Kitchen talk OFF. Sofa concert ON.

Enjoy undisturbed privacy while listening to exceptional open, natural sound.

Distraction OFF. Open sound ON.

Open sound in a closed-back design.

Stressful life OFF. Peace of mind ON.

No matter whether all day, all week or all year.

Key clicks OFF. Full immersion ON.

Your passion knows no boundaries. Why should your headphones?

Reference sound in a closed chassis.

How to read frequency response measurements for headphones: The frequency is shown in Hertz (Hz) on the X-axis (numbers at the bottom). The bass response is from 20-300 Hz, the vocal range runs from 300 to 3000 Hz, and the treble is from 3000 to 20,000 Hz (i.e., details in the music). On the Y-axis (numbers on the left), the relative loudness is shown in dB SPL (decibel Sound Pressure Level). The higher the graph line, the louder the frequency. As an example: The bass response between 20 to 100 Hz is much louder in the HD 620S (white line), compared to the HD 600 (grey line). The frequency response is supposed to be perfectly flat in loudspeakers (i.e., all parts of the music are equally loud), but ear geometry and psychoacoustics mean a good headphone frequency response looks very different. While the science is not yet settled, most engineers and scientists in the headphone industry would agree that the HD 600 with additional bass is closer to a neutral, “true-to-life” sound.

What’s in the box

HD 620S closed-back headphones, 1.8 m cable with 3.5 mm plug, 3.5 to 6.3 mm adapter


Article number (SKU) HD 620S
Cable length
1.8 m
Ear coupling
Around ear
Ear pad material
Artificial leather on Polyurethane basis



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