-AMBEO- Soundbars

The world’s most immersive sound. A primal experience.

Tested in the wild

Sound has the power to let us reconnect with our most primal instincts. In the animal kingdom, sound stimulates one of the most important sensory systems. This presented an ideal environment for the ultimate test of the -AMBEO- Soundbars’ unique immersive sound, featuring the most unbiased subjects we could imagine for our experiment: unpredictable, untrained wild animals. Watch our documentary and discover how the animals react when encountered with unexpected sounds from other animals.

capturing sound for AMBEO Soundbar video sennheiser

The call of the wild

Capturing the animals with 360° spatial audio technology.

Our experiment begins by recording the animals. The challenge was to create sounds that match the quality of the -AMBEO- Soundbars, so we used Sennheiser’s -AMBEO- VR Microphone, which is specially designed for 360° spatial audio recordings and allowed us to capture the animal sounds in 3D.

A primal experience

Unmatched immersive sound in one single device.

We then needed to create an immersive sound experience capable of awaking the animals’ curiosity. The -AMBEO- Soundbars are capable of recreating a full 3D soundscape in one single device that would allow us to trigger the animals’ exploratory behavior.
AMBEO Soundbar sennheiser baboon

Don’t just hear the action, truly feel it

Don’t let us tell you about it, experience it for yourself.

"The -AMBEO- Soundbars guarantee a breathtaking sound experience designed to give you goosebumps and reconnect to your most primal instincts. Just plug in, set it up and enjoy sound as you’ve never heard before."

-AMBEO- Soundbar | Mini

The world's most immersive sound from one compact device

  • An unmatched immersive sound experience in its most compact form.
  • Fill your room with pure sound instead of cables.
  • Powerful adaptive audio features
  • Stylish and sleek design.
Sennheiser Bass Lover Set AMBEO Soundbar Plus

-AMBEO- Soundbar | Plus

The world’s most immersive sound.

  • Ultimate immersive sound
  • 9x Class-D amplifiers
  • Powerful and adaptive audio features
  • Wireless
-AMBEO- Soundbar Max | Sennheiser

-AMBEO- Soundbar | Max

Hear the future of home cinema.

  • Ultimate immersive sound
  • 13x Class-D amplifiers
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Multiple connectivity options
Sennheiser Bass Lover Set - AMBEO Sub


Bass reinvented.

  • -AMBEO- virtualization technology
  • 8” high-end proprietary woofer
  • Automated self-calibration
  • Multiple connectivity options

Behind The Scenes