Set 880

Your high-quality TV listening system.

Crystal clear, enhanced sound

Our Set 880 assistive listening device delivers sound to users with changing hearing needs.

Set 880 wireless assistive listening system headphones for TV

Your + in home entertainment sound experience

Enter the Sennheiser Set 880: It lets you personalize your listening experience according to your needs, without affecting your environment.

sennheiser set 880

Your + in effortless listening

The Set 880 delivers the boosted sound of your TV and radio sound directly to your ears, without any distractions, so no details will be lost.

Man with Set 880 Digital Wireless TV Listening System

Your + in comfort

Though it brims with features, the Sennheiser Set 880 is sleek and slim and ensures a stable connection up to 70 m (200 ft).

wireless earphones stereo Set 880

Your + in independence

From unboxing to the actual listening session, with the Set 880 you always know exactly what to do.

Set 880 specifications
  • Customized hearing profile
  • Enhanced sound
  • Auto On/Off
  • Multi-purpose transmitter
  • Lightweight design


Wearing style
digital input: optical supported data streams: PCM, 32 - 96 kHz/16 - 24 bit
Audio connection
digital input: optical supported data streams: PCM, 32 - 96 kHz/16 - 24 bit

What's included

  • Headphones with built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Docking station
  • 1 pair of ear pads for small ears
  • Power supply unit with country adapters for EU, UK, US and AUS
  • TV Optical cable for digital audio out
  • TV Connection cable for 3,5mm headphone audio out
  • Instruction manual



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