Sonova Consumer Hearing Against Return Fraud

Sonova Consumer Hearing Against Return Fraud

To provide a generous, easy, free, and efficient return policy for our most loyal customers, we take a zero-tolerance stance on return fraud.

We reserve the right to refuse returns we believe are malicious, fraudulent, or otherwise counter to the interests of Sonova Consumer Hearing USA LLC. Most consumers will be unaffected by the policies and provisions below, and we will make every effort to remain supportive of ethical return practices which provide a tangible benefit to Sonova Consumer Hearing customers.

We employ numerous programs and tactics to verify the authenticity and integrity of returned items. Sonova Consumer Hearing will proactively notify payment partners of misconduct and prosecute individuals for illegal activity where evidence is available and obtained in cases of suspected return fraud.

Counterfeit, Mismatched or ‘Bricked’ Items

All outbound shipments of Headphones, AMBEO Soundbars/Subs and some accessories are subjected to serial number recording. If a returned item serial number does not match that of the item shipped to a customer, the item will be recorded with photos and discarded.

Excessively Damaged Items

if an item is missing components, is excessively damaged to a degree of nonfunction or has signs of improper modifications/tampering, it will be recorded to the customer purchase order number and discarded. The return request will be rejected.

Empty or Misused Parcels

All return shipments are considered for proper item dimensions and weight. All parcels are inspected to confirm product presence prior to refund provision. Empty parcels or parcels containing items unrelated to the original ordered product sent to our authorized return center will be discarded and the return request will be rejected.

Modified or Unidentifiable Return Shipping Labels

Prepaid return labels are provided by Sonova Consumer Hearing to our customers as a courtesy in most circumstances. If a return label issued by Sonova Consumer Hearing, our third-party partners intended to transport product back to our authorized return center is in any way modified or if return shipment label information is missing/redacted, the return request will be denied, and an investigation will be opened. Delivery scans noted within courier tracking information are not considered evidence of return delivery or refund eligibility until items are confirmed as received and inspected by our warehouse staff.

Similarly, we employ numerous tactics in cooperation with our carriers and merchant partners to detect ‘fake tracking (FTID)’ practices and will submit all evidence of Federal Mail Fraud to the Postmaster General, the courier’s fraud department, and the FBI IC3 Cyber Crime Division.

Return Policy Abuse or Misuse

Suspicious, abusive, or otherwise flagrant return behavior will result in customer account expulsion and if warranted, further referral to necessary authorities as mentioned herein; such behavior is constituted by but not limited to repetitive/excessive return requests or conduct in alignment with any of the practices prohibited within our Return Terms and Conditions.

Customers that open two or more (2) return merchandise authorizations in a period of less than 90 days will not be eligible for additional prepaid return postage, and any further return merchandise authorizations will require the consumer to pay postage for shipment to our authorized return center. This includes returns made by a consumer across multiple accounts or with the same billing or shipping credentials.