License Agreement

License Agreement

AMBEO Soundbar | Plus SB02 Software Package

Please thoroughly read this License Agreement and any possible supplementary conditions (in total „Agreement“). In the event of conflict between this License Agreement and the supplementary conditions, the supplementary conditions shall prevail. The software provided under this Agreement is protected by copyright and other national and international intellectual property laws. By installing, using, or creating a copy of this software, you accept this License Agreement.

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Version for AMBEO Soundbar | Plus SB02 (global version - not for Soundbar SB02 China) 

NOTE: Requirement after this firmware update: Your AMBEO Soundbar needs to be connected to a network to be controllable via Smart Control app.        

For manual update: Download this Firmware update package and copy it to an USB flash stick. Connect the stick to the Soundbar, turn ON and hold the Setup button for 5 seconds. The update will start.