Sennheiser Warranty Conditions

Warranty for consumers


The service policies and warranty statements on this page are relevant for all original Sennheiser-branded consumer hearing products (by Sonova Consumer Hearing GmbH or Sonova AG and their other affiliated companies referred to as Sonova Consumer Hearing) and warrant to the original purchaser that the product purchased will be free of defects related to manufacturing, parts, materials, and workmanship under normal and accepted use. Conditions under which the manufacturer's limited product warranty statement is no longer valid can be found below. Sonova Consumer Hearing offers a worldwide warranty on its products, though we strongly encourage consumers to send any warranty returns to their local Sonova Consumer Hearing branch or service partner.

This limited product warranty is Sonova Consumer Hearing’s only warranty and the customer's only remedy concerning the product. All other representations, warranties or conditions, expressed or implied, written or oral, including but not limited to any warranties or guarantees of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement, are expressly excluded. As a result, except as set forth in the previous and following paragraphs, the product is sold "as-is" and the customer assumes the entire risk as to the product's suitability for their needs, its quality and its performance.

Sennheiser-branded consumer hearing products: 2 years from original purchase

Wired Evolution Products: 10 Years

Neumann Products: 1 Year

Refurbished products: Carry the standard warranty**

** Remanufactured product warranties are only valid when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser reseller and only apply to Sennheiser-branded consumer hearing products. Excludes any remanufactured Headphone, TeleCom Headset, or Bluetooth® product, which carry a 90-day warranty. Out of warranty TeleCom headset replacements have a 1 year warranty.


In order to be considered eligible for repair or replacement under warranty, the item(s) for repair must be sent with a valid bill of sale (please see below for more information) from an authorized retailer detailing the following information:

  • Retailer's name
  • Original date of purchase
  • Model or SKU number of the product purchased
  • Failure to supply a bill of sale with all of the required information will result in denial of warranty repair or replacement.

The following types of documents, printed or electronic, are not considered valid receipts and therefore cannot be used to determine eligibility for warranty:

  • Credit card statements
  • PayPal and/or eBay (or any other auction site) confirmations
  • Bank statements
  • Bills of lading, bills of material or any other type of shipping document


  1. Counterfeit or "grey market" products purchased from any non-authorized dealer.
  2. Damage or inoperability caused by inadequate repair work performed by the end user or any non-authorized repair center.
  3. Products where the identification label, serial number or safety label has been removed or altered.
  4. Other manufacturer's equipment or reimbursement for said equipment that has been used in conjunction with an original Sonova Consumer Hearing product.
  5. Inoperability due to lack of reasonable maintenance and care as determined by Sonova Consumer Hearing.
  6. Accessories or consumable items such as, but not limited to:
  • Batteries
  • Ear bud covers
  • Ear cushions and/or headphone padding
  • Cable clips
  • Foam microphone windscreens
  • Cases

7. Damage: This warranty does not cover any physical and/or electrical damage resulting from, but not limited to:

  • Accident
  • Misuse
  • Abuse
  • Malicious destruction
  • Acts of nature

8. The temporary or permanent affixing of any items supplied or not supplied by the manufacturer with any adhesive, fastener or the like.

9. Use of batteries, power supplies or any other sources of power not specifically recommended by the manufacturer.

10. Inadequate repair work performed by the end user or any non-authorized repair center.



Sonova Consumer Hearing does not provide advance replacement products.


Sonova Consumer Hearing will only provide refunds to customers that purchased their product directly from Sonova Consumer Hearing within 30 days from the date of purchase. Customers seeking a refund for a product that was purchased from a Sennheiser distributor/vendor must request reimbursement from the original distributor/vendor.

SHIPPING TO Sonova Consumer Hearing

Sonova Consumer Hearing will ONLY be responsible for shipping to the customer after repair/replacement. The customer is responsible for all shipping/handling charges related to returning the product to Sonova Consumer Hearing or one of the Sonova Consumer Hearing authorized repair facilities. Products must be shipped in their original packaging or otherwise suitably protected to avoid damage during shipping. Sonova Consumer Hearing will not be responsible for any damage incurred during shipment. Sonova Consumer Hearing will only be responsible for packages that are verified as having been received into its warehouse via a shipment tracking number provided by the customer's shipping company.

SHIPPING FROM Sonova Consumer Hearing

All packages will ship within the 50 United States via UPS Ground, no signature required, at no expense to the customer. International shipping as well as other shipping methods and options are available; however, all related charges will be the sole responsibility of the customer.


In the event of repairs, Sonova Consumer Hearing will be responsible for all costs associated with the repair including parts and labor costs. All service labor is guaranteed for 90 days or until the conclusion of the originally purchased product's original warranty period, whichever period is greater.


Sonova Consumer Hearing may, at its discretion, choose to replace the product completely with a new or remanufactured product. In the event of product obsolescence, a suitable replacement will be chosen based upon the features, the intended use (according to Sonova Consumer Hearing) and the retail price of the original product. In the event of product obsolescence, Sonova Consumer Hearing cannot guarantee the same color or aesthetic attributes as the original product. All warranty replacements are guaranteed for 90 days or until the conclusion of the originally purchased product's original warranty period, whichever period is greater.


The expected turnaround time is subject to parts and product availability and therefore cannot be guaranteed.


The Sonova Consumer Hearing Customer Service Department will be the final determining authority for all potential warranty claims for service and/or replacement.