-AMBEO- Soundbars

Tested in the wild.

MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

Inspired by music.

TV Clear Set

TV will never be the same

MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

Inspired by music.

SPORT True Wireless

Follow your own track.

Sennheiser Headphone Finder

Find your perfect match.

Audiophile headphones

The magic of audiophile sound.

IE 600

Exceptional in every Detail.


Enjoy the highest quality sound, wherever, whenever, with our extensive range of best-in-class headphones.

  • Man wearing MOMENTUM True Wireless 3
  • Woman wearing Momentum True Wireless 3

AMBEO Soundbar

Experience and shape what deep immersive sound truly means, with our 3D end-to-end technologies and solutions.

True Wireless

Experience superior sound, anytime, anywhere, thanks to our industry-leading technology and innovation.

  • Woman wearing CX Plus true wireless
  • Man wearing SPORT True Wireless