RS 5200

For crystal clear TV audio.

Enjoy every second of dialog

The integrated Speech Clarity feature makes sure you never miss another line from a movie or show.

Man with earphones RS 5200

Make TV a + experience for everyone

It can be hard to find a good compromise. Now you don’t have to. Just put your RS 5200 earphones on and choose the volume that’s best for you.

RS 5200 TV Hearing

Even more + for TV listening comfort

Whether you prefer a more open listening experience or greater insulation from ambient noise, you can tailor the RS 5200 to sound just the way you like it.

sennheiser rs5200

For those long + sessions

Because the new RS 5200 earphones are so comfortable, you can wear them for hours on end.

rs5200 sennheiser

Freedom is always a +

The wireless receiver gives you up to 70 meters of range — no need to sit close to the TV set or wrestle with annoying cables.

RS 5200 specifications

Design that looks and feels +

Our all-new TV-listening earphones offer an experience so natural you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

RS 5200 sennheiser
  • Speech clarity
  • Disturbance-free TV
  • Ease of use
  • 다목적 송신기
  • Pressure-free wearing comfort

제품 상세

착용 스타일
온 이어
디지털 입력: 광학 지원 데이터 스트림: PCM, 32 - 96 kHz/16 - 24 비트
오디오 연결
디지털 입력: 광학 지원 데이터 스트림: PCM, 32 - 96 kHz/16 - 24 비트


  • RR 5200 headphones with built-in lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
  • TR 5000 transmitter and docking station
  • 유럽, 영국, 미국 및 호주용 국가 어댑터가 있는 전원 공급 장치
  • TV connection cable 3.5 mm for headphone audio out
  • 디지털 오디오 출력용 TV 광케이블
  • TV RCA adapter
  • Silicone ear pads (S/L), Memory foam ear pads, Open foam ear pads
  • 사용 설명서



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