SPORT True Wireless

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“For athletes and joggers that need to stay aware of their environment while working out, these are the best earbuds to get. The earbuds stay secure within the ear, feature dust and water resistance, good sound, and great battery life.”
sennheiser sport true wireless
  • Sennheiser 시그니처 사운드
  • 적응형 음향
  • 맞춤화된 핏 보장
  • IP54: 먼지, 얼룩 & 땀 저항력
  • 최대 27시간 재생 시간
sennheiser sport true wireless app

It's all in the Smart Control App

Use the Smart Control App to adjust your music, voice assistants, and calls to your liking and much more.

APP sport true wireless

Adjust the Adaptable Acoustics in the app

Fine-tune your listening experience by customizing your sound and settings.

A unique hybrid feature: Adaptable Acoustics

To meet the demands of as many athletes as possible, the new Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless are literally two products in one, with two styles of ear tips designed for two very different types of workouts. Sennheiser has named the feature, Adaptable Acoustics. When you need to focus, the closed ear tips provide passive noise cancellation for blocking out the noise during your workout in the gym or at home. The open ear tips provide low occlusion for improved comfort and increased situational awareness. For your next run, choose the open ear tips to greatly reduce the discomfort of hearing body-borne noise and to benefit from improved situational awareness. Put on your favourite track. Run. The bucket is off. Enjoy.

제품 상세

제품 번호(SKU)
착용 스타일
true wireless stereo earphones
Ear coupling
ear canal
Frequency response (speaker)
5 Hz - 21 kHz


  • 이어버드 한 쌍
  • 끈이 달린 충전 케이스
  • USB-C 충전 케이블
  • 클로즈, 오픈 이어 어댑터 세트(S/M/L)
  • 이어 핀 세트(N, S1, S2 , S3)
  • 퀵 가이드 & 안전 가이드



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  • SPORT True Wireless Fins
    SPORT True Wireless Fins
  • SPORT TW Ear Adapter Set
    SPORT TW Ear Adapter Set

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